The report is to be applauded because of its clearness, and thoroughness, as well as for recognizing the complicated and systemic nature of the reason. However, what it does not recognize would be that the structural failing of management is embedded in an even wider context, specifically how inside our culture we run our economies and companies. With all this wider economic context, it is inevitable that similar disasters – of similar apocalyptic proportions – may happen in the future.

Strikingly, when reading the statement, the parallels between this debacle and other corporate and business disasters of the recent and more faraway recent are stunningly clear. And I am sure these businesses are to blame, and their CEOs do bring responsibility for the catastrophe but to name and shame them as the only real reason behind the misfortune seems an unhealthy oversimplification.

But, as the Presidential Committee concludes “the main causes are systemic” rightly, representing an “overall failure of management”, as opposed to the activities of a particular person or even a particular company. When you analyze the lack of communication systems, safety culture, inadequate decision making processes, and so on, a tragedy – somewhere sooner or later – seemed inevitable and the proverbial accident waiting to occur. The anthropologists Anthony Oliver-Smith and Susanna Hoffman, who examined a number of man-made disasters, concluded concerning this “a tragedy becomes unavoidable in the context of the historically produced pattern of vulnerability”.

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Most women have no idea of an important part of health and fitness. This is weight training and no more than 20% of most women partake in a few type of weight training. Weight training is important if you are interested in loosing weight or simply keeping your current weight. It’s important to keep your bone fragments strong also. While aerobic exercises shall burn more calories during the period of the program.

Once you are done the body goes back to its normal calorie burn off rate. However if you lift weights you will burn up more calories overall. You might burn 100 more calories over a 24-hour period by weight lifting then you’ll be doing cardio alone. Additionally muscle is important for your metabolism as the amount of fats you can burn off is directly from the amount of muscle you have. During the day, because you have more muscle that needs energy You burn more calories. In the event that you replace fat with muscle you will burn more calories simply by sitting down.

It is also known that if you merely do aerobic fitness exercise the weight you are dropping is not solely fat. You will lose muscle as well. You will get well developed and firm up your muscles also. This provides muscle definition without getting too bulky. When you incorporate weight training exercise into the exercise you will need to keep track of your measurements besides your weight.

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