Mystery Shopping is focused on finding out what customers really think of a specific service. It really is recognised by organisations (both large and small) as a valid way of evaluating the performance of their staff and the service their customers get. Mystery shoppers, performing as regular customers perform all aspects of their evaluation in a specialist and objective manner. The total results of the mystery shopping assessment are recorded by means of a questionnaire, which is then came back to the marketplace research company for reporting and collation of leads to the customer.

A common question often asked by potential mystery buyers is ‘What qualities do I need to become a secret shopper? Being observant – knowing what you need to be aware of and looking out for it without sketching attention to yourself is a key skill. Bear in mind too, that you’ll not have the luxury of travelling with a clipboard completing your evaluation questionnaire as you go along.

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Your recall skills should be sufficient that you should absorb the info needed and complete the assessment sheet once you have either returned home or to a quiet spot far enough away from the website you have evaluated. Both your reputation as a mystery shopper and the reputation of the marketplace research company you signify are at stake if you don’t carry out each job with the utmost integrity.

Never second think at anything, and for no reason should you make up answers to any of the relevant questions. If in doubt, go and check back. Do what you have decided to do, when you decided to do it- it is as simple as that. Unreliable mystery shoppers jeopardise tasks, and those who prove consistently unreliable may no longer be invited to accept jobs. For the primary part, you should be objective and report on facts, not opinions.

In some instances, you may be asked for your personal viewpoint on what your emotions were just like you were a genuine customer, but this will be clearly communicated to you in your brief. You will work as your own boss essentially, and only you can make your visits. Some mystery shopping careers are mundane and quite uninteresting. Seriously, though, if you will be the sort of one who cannot drag themselves out of bed on the morning, then mystery shopping is not the vocation for you.

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