Basic Business Rules 101: Grammar Matters 1

In this time around of texting and what I call ‘textspeak’ (shortened types of communication such as ‘ware u at?’ and ‘tryn 2 reech u’), appropriate spelling, punctuation, and grammar are more important than ever before. Often the writer assumes too way too, and the reader is left in the dark (or at least in the twilight).

I’ve worked for individuals who offered me instructions that could have baffled an archaeologist. “Jane you need revise the follow copy add direct specifications see eng head for the write info. So–can you figure out what this person desired? Neither could I, which designed wasting valuable time to monitor him to decipher his message down.

By just how, the author of that last message was stunned that I couldn’t understand what he wanted! The message that comes through loud and clear when you don’t bother to use right spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure is that you don’t care about your audience to make your message clear enough. If you don’t care about that enough, then it’s a comparatively short jump to assume that you probably don’t care much about your business either. If you think that taking the time to use words correctly does NOT count, think again.

Unless you have that truly one-of-a-kind service or product that absolutely everyone must have, then you are among hundreds of thousands of individuals and companies vying for the public dollar. It’s easier than ever now to research products and services, so potential prospects and readers will just pass you by if your message is not crystal clear and crafted professionally.

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Here’s good example: restaurant selections. I used to correct things like this and pass them into the owners, but most owners weren’t everything appreciative. Maybe it’s just me, but I have to wonder: if the menu is looks this bad, what’s happening in your kitchen?

Although it’s simple enough to spot spelling and even grammatical errors (particularly if you have someone as picky as I am reviewing it), punctuation is a challenging minefield often. If you don’t present your text punctuated in a genuine way that makes it absolutely clear, you can miss the point entirely, and in fact can completely misrepresent yourself.

Please do not believe that Spell/Grammar Check will unilaterally bail you out, either. It really is a help, but it’s like anything else-you can’t rely on it to do your thinking for you. You should know how to spell still. In the same way a calculator may help you with math, you should still know the basics yourself.

Of course, sloppy spelling, poor punctuation, and ghastly grammar do not necessarily indicate poor products, service, etc. But sadly, over the years I’ve come to realize that this is often exactly what it means. There’s a vintage saying: “the devil is in the details,” meaning that whatever you completely do should be achieved. Details are essential. Whether it’s a cake, a software product, a custom-built motorcycle, or a document, the facts should reflect your own dedication to excellence and professionalism and reliability. Remember that there are plenty of potential readers/customers out there who’ve vast resources from which to choose.