Trending Hardwood Floor Styles for Modern Homes 1

New Dimensions

New dimensions have been added to hardwood floor fashion. Bigger, wider planks have been the craze, but the trend has recently cooled. Today’s most popular hardwoods are 5-inch planks, which can be found in a rainbow of colors and genres, from ultra-dark to light and bright.

Greige Color Palette

The greige color palette offers a mix of gray and beige tones, and it’s emerged as a leader in the hardwood floor market. In previous years, homeowners emphasized keeping hardwood floors as light as possible; now, the emphasis has shifted to darker shades. Greige floors blending mink brown and cool gray are quickly gaining ground as the go-to neutral. Want to learn more about the subject? Mayflower Floorings, find more details and supplementary information to further enrich your learning experience.

Trending Hardwood Floor Styles for Modern Homes 2

Rustic Charm with Character

The push towards nostalgic aesthetics is an interior design style that has been around for a while, but in recent years, a rustic look has become associated with hardwood floors. Homeowners are gravitating towards hardwoods with imperfections such as knots, splits, and cracks, preferring the natural beauty of hardwood with character that tells a backstory.

Eco-Friendly Hardwood

Homeowners are feeling more pressure to minimize their carbon footprint, and the type of hardwood they choose is a clear-cut statement of their environmentalism. Hardwood flooring from local providers or sustainably managed forests have gained a broader appeal. Homeowners are also gravitating toward engineered hardwood, as it’s made from a thin layer of strong, hardwood timber applied to a core of high-density fiberboard, which also maximizes usage of the resource wood.

Bright and Bold

Real wood with bright and bold colors have become the most popular option for homeowners seeking to give their home a unique look. The dye stains applied to the wood create an individualized character, resulting in vibrant planks with vivid color schemes. Broaden your understanding with Visit this valuable content additional external content! Mayflower Floorings, explore the suggested website.

Final thoughts

Apart from the above five, floral tiles, herringbone flooring, and a mix of varied-width planks are additional hardwood floor style trends that homeowners are exploring. Trending hardwood floor styles have taken off, replacing carpet, tile, and laminate, increasing the value of homes, and giving homeowners a sense of satisfaction with their eclectic tastes.