Given The Stability Of Rental Income 1

IREIT Global (“IREIT” or the “Fund”) is the first REIT set up with the investment strategy of investing in a portfolio of income-producing office-related real estate in Europe. 0.88 per device to investors subject to over-allocation of 11.36m systems. The public offer will end on 11 August 2014 at 12pm and begins trading on 13 August 2014 at 2pm. The public tranche will have 11.36m and the positioning tranche 156.373m units. The 4 offices are situated in 4 different cities in Germany and the details of the original portfolio are outlined in the table above. Given the stability of rental income, the financial statements and forecast is predictable which is the beauty of commercial REIT highly.

The Fund is projected to yield 7.6% in FY2014 predicated on annualised basis and increase to 8% in FY2015 and FY2016. The manager will adopt an ABBA strategy where it’ll seek A class properties in B class cities and B Class properties inside a grade towns. The shareholding is 79% controlled by Mr. Tong from Summit and Mr. Lim from Soildbuild with balance 21% float for the public.

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  • Time limitations mentioned under section 80-IA(4)(iv) have been extended from 31-3-2014 to 31-3-2017

Mr. Tong is actually the Mr S-REIT and he wants to conquer Europe as well now. The offices are situated near commercial establishments and are rented out to blue chip clients such as Deutsche Telecom, T-Mobile, Allianz, Ebase and St Microelectronics. Germany has one of the strongest economy in Europe and can continue to lead the recovery there.

Management Fee framework is directly from the Annual Distributable Income, which creates a solid alignment appealing vis-a-vis a % of NAV for most REITs. Unfamiliarity with German taxes and regulations rules may change in Netherlands and Germany regarding taxation and repatriation. It really is interesting to truly have a pure European REIT listing here.

It actually has an substitute for REIT lovers to diversify away of Singapore REITs. However, as you can see from Croesus Retail Trust, it is not easy for Singapore investors to accept “foreigners”. Our office REITs in generally, is trading between 6%-7% but i don’t think these are truly comparable by itself given the variations. I would believe that traders here will impose a “premium” necessity on international REITs and expect them to yield between 7%-9% at least.

0.92 on its first day but don’t expect much firework as we are all discussing REIT here and this is an produce play and the counter-top is list at reduced to its reserve value. I shall give it a one chilli rating. Buy only when you prefer the assets in German or support the German team in World Cup. Please note that i am asked to consider 20 a lot.

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