Everything To Know About Instagram’s Favorite Fitness Expert & WHY YOU NEED TO Be Following Her! 1

If there’s one person who can provide you Monday Motivation every day of the week, it’s Paige Hathaway. You might not have heard of her, but she’s around interpersonal press and prepared to help you get that summer season body all year round. Paige Hathaway is this is! Everywhere you look, it appears there are people all over Instagram who’ve a fitness page and their own exercise methods.

But there’s a reason Hathaway is one of the very best 10 Instagram personalities trending right now, so she must know what she’s talking about. She converted her interest and love for fitness into a lifetime career (something she hadn’t expected). And now, Paige Hathaway’s a fitness trainer who’s ready to help others achieve their goals. “There was no strategically planned path I took to a career in fitness,” said Hathaway on her behalf website.

“It all began rather unexpectedly. In 2011 I had not been the well-developed and fit girl I am today, as a few of you understand from my interpersonal media posts. I used to be very thin with almost no muscle shade. It was then, which I was approached with a trainer at the fitness center about proper health insurance and nutrition.

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That’s when things started to change for Hathaway. So, she put all her effort into sculpting herself in ways most women could only imagine. But the effort takes care of. And obviously, Paige Hathaway is evidence! And one takes a look at her Instagram account will make you more motivated than previously!

She makes them look hella fun, by the way! If you want to get those gloves shred and burning up those abdominal muscles.HIIT goes to your workout or cardio program! TRX jumping lunges Perhaps you have tried these movements ever? WHICH ONE DO YOU THINK MAY BE THE HARDEST? Not to mention how fit she is!

We don’t know if there’s a better word for “fit.” But if there is, she’s it definitely, because we can’t find one ounce of excess fat on her! For Hathaway, persistence is key. And just taking a look at Paige Hathaway’s pics randomly, you can find her training always. It probably helps that she gets paid to appear and feel as effective as she does. But she fell in love with fitness a long time before she made a profit from it! Now, she’s inspiring others to do the same!

Remember: look good, feel good! Not only will she work out, but she also enjoys traveling as much as the next person. Whether it’s Germany or Dubai, Hathaway is seen having a good time in an incredible place. And significantly, we’re uncertain anyone stones a bikini such as this chick!