A Beautiful Tomorrow 1

Kamaldeep Kirui happens just in time for the interview at her business premises – Styles of Tomorrow. The accepted place is a well-held bungalow with an inviting pink and green paint job. She takes me round; starting with the small children’s section downstairs where a couple of kids are experiencing a good locks day.

We then go upstairs to the adult section, which has a salon, barber shop, beauty, and massage parlor. I share my qualms on getting a massage. Her first time, she tells me was characterized by the same uncertainty. She maintains a massage is incredibly therapeutic and refreshing; she will it at least one time a month.

We agree that I will overcome my fear and present myself a treat. Of Tomorrow located just reverse Upper Hill Medical Center Kamaldeep is the proprietor of Styles. She started the business twelve years ago. Previously she was dealing with Price Waterhouse Coopers and after an ongoing state of redundancy, she took the monetary package that came along and invested in building her business.

It’s common knowledge that hairdressers in Nairobi and its own outskirts are cashing in an attractive payday. Kenyan women are taking care of their locks more as compared to a few years ago now. Kamaldeep has regular clients who have a monthly drop and regimen by come to do the hair, a facial and a massage; “This is good for the business”.

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Her passion for seeing women and girls have beautiful perfect locks were catapulted by the fact that a lot of stylists shied from doing her daughter’s hair. “Being a mother, it was frustrating going around in circles looking for a person who would agree to do my daughter’s hair”. Styles of tomorrow are available to everyone, Kamaldeep has however designed it to be a family salon.

It is a place moms and daughters come for nice hairdos and fathers come in for clean shaves. The stylists that deal with the small children do not crossover to the adults’ section and vice versa. Real dedication goes into dealing with the children and she goes a supplementary mile when hiring.

Her salon has become popular because of the initial niche they have carved in design the younger era. This is a plus since a majority of salons concentrate on adults and children are considered secondary clients. Having said that, Kamaldeep has invested in kids’ entertainment whereby she has cable television where they watch cartoons and other children related content.

There’s also a garden within the premises with slides and swings for kids to try out with while waiting. They come in as young as seven. Kids in this digital age, she says are uncovered and know exactly how they want their locks done based on what they see in the press and among peers. They produce ideas on what hair styles they want and cause tantrums if their ideas are not taken into account.