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I’ve shared in another blog post what Pinterest is but I’ll go over it again briefly for those that haven’t joined this site yet. Pinterest can be an image-based interpersonal system where users can create digital boards on a number of topics. For example you might make a board about travel, cooking, and recipes, your favorite movies, wedding decor, or birthday cakes.

Visuals get people interested considerably faster than words. A brief description can be added underneath a graphic but the idea is that the picture is what needs you. Pinterest is a great site for arranging what you love and all the cool things you find on the net. A user can pick to check out other’s boards as desired.

People are finding different uses for Pinterest on a regular basis. Here is a page that will explain in more detail all about Pinterest. Using Pinterest for business is a superb way to market your products and or services. A real way to advertise to the masses. Choose appropriate start and categories pinning your items to the virtual boards. When you pin your products there is certainly the option to include a price tag, this allows it to look under the ‘gift’ section on Pinterest. Another good tip for SEO is to add your website link to your products this will give you a backlink.

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When people find your boards or images interesting they have the option to like them, comment on them and re-pin them to their boards. Good descriptions and keywords are also important factors to consider when pinning. Most businesses big or small can reap the benefits of using Pinterest for marketing. Exposure for your business is another great cause to be using Pinterest as it gives a good visual of what your business is about, which kind of products you offer.

Pinterest users aren’t interested in boring, boring, ordinary content. Generally people want for interesting, strategies, advice, and attractive products they can talk about and re-pin. Get creative with the images you pin, you want them large enough to entice attention however, not so big they can see all of the details unless they go through the image.

Well if you’re not utilizing Pinterest for your business, I hope this has prompted you to give it a go and see how you can make this great platform to work for you. I’ve been working on several different styles and designs for my store Designs by Shell. Come across for a visit or follow me on Pinterest as I’ll be writing and pinning interesting images there.

If you are looking to be able to distinguish CURLEWS from sandpipers, good luck. There is also a bird called the “CURLEW sandpiper”: “a sandpiper that is widely distributed in the Old World and has a curved expenses like that of the curlew.” Thanks for the help, dictionary! There’re also a CURLEWberry, a CURLEW bug, and a CURLEW jack, which are described by words that I would have to look up to comprehend (“crowberry,” “corn billbug,”, and “whimbrel,” respectively). Lastly, reader pics – here’s one posted by Andrea Carla Michaels. Crossword wedding cake and Yoohoo!

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