Planet Fitness - Annual Fee Charge, Review 214840 1

19.99 on the 17th of every month under my agreement with Planet Fitness, taken out of my bank account automatically. 39.00 that I do not know about. They call this their “Annual Fee”. 39.00 & an overdraft charge) I didn’t know very well what this “ACH” charge was until I called my loan provider.

Planet Fitness is the only place I have an automatic payment taken out from my bank-account too so they automatically had taken the money out and didn’t send me a notice. I recall that whenever my sweetheart and I registered we went to the fitness center before it experienced even opened and they were working this “FANTASTIC DEAL” for a 1-yr black card membership. They were waiving the initiation fee and the first or annual charge. 39.on June 1 00 annual charge, 2009. Yr to lock in the same price To me this designed for the next. 39.00 charge for something they have already paid for? Not anyone I know Certainly.

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I called the Planet Fitness I acquired my regular membership from and began asking questions. I attempted to be as nice as you possibly can because it isn’t the person’s fault I was speaking with & I kept apologizing because I used to be getting a little mad. They grasped, even though I didn’t get far. 39.00 charge. Hmm, how did they imagine?

BECAUSE EVERYONE’S PISSED OFF! Finally this child put his employer on the phone because I told him I wasn’t taking no for an answer of me getting reimbursed my money. 19.99 a regular fee/rate easily is not heading to have it after 23 times? Plus they won’t reimburse me? I never even either went to the fitness center, just one 1 1 time.

LOL I didn’t cancel because I cannot afford the cancellation fee that you have to pay at the same time. They said if I wanted the charge to be waived I put to cancel my regular membership on paper by the 25th of the previous month (being May). Again, easily could have done this I would experience to pay the cancellation charge and I only had 1 month still left.

That could have made no sense even easily did get a notice about the fee. They should consider when individuals’ memberships are up. They sure know when to consider your money! With that said, the manager got on the telephone and I was a more mad little, again thanking her for listening to me complain and apologizing.

I described everything above to her and she said that the business will not send notices about this. I asked her why and she said it is hard & will take a lot of time for them to work out who is a dark-credit card member to who is a regular member. 39.00 fee so you would need to know who they are right?