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Footworks Dance Studio keeps aerial silk, aerial hoop, pole dance, TRX, and aerial yoga exercise classes taught by Polecats Manila instructors. This is for individuals who reside in the QC/Libis/Marikina area who find the Ortigas studio too far. The studio presently has 5 X-Pole stainless- poles, 4 aerial hoops, and 4 aerial silks to get your aerial fix.

I have to give myself a pat on the back for my set-up and pack-up skills. That source of light there originates from my light desk, which is a smaller one that I use easily need to save lots of space on my workstation. I use a variety of white and yellowish lights for my station.

When people ask me why, I say if it was an all-white station they would hate me for it since it would be too shiny for their eye. I also personally like a mix of yellow and white so I get the right daylight combine and warmness for photo purposes. From pole Aside, hoop, and silk, Footworks also offers other classes which can go with your choice of aerial workout.

There’s aerial yoga exercises, which helps you stretch restricted muscles, stress, and create balance. Flexibility increases your range of motion safer as you work towards your backbends, splits, and all those flexi tricks. It also helps with active flexibility and balances your strength with readiness. Because pole dancing is still a dance, there is also pole dance classes to boost on footwork. There will be a new class added, called Pole Flow, which helps with footwork, transitions, and undoubtedly feelings (yes! Feelings are essential), for quite, poetic pole dance ideas and numbers.

Our shoot acquired a complete of six teachers. Let me demonstrate the makeup I did so on the 4 instructors. Amaya shows Aerial and Versatility Hoop. She loves her trademark winged eyeliner so I gave her winged eyeliner (In the event that you look closely, I did so with some kind of graphic zombie cat eyeliner) with long lashes.

The rest was held neutral, although a little on the warm aspect. Bianca shows pole dance. She’s a ballerina too! The appearance is quite rosy, but though I did use pinks and roses in this color even, I didn’t make it super pastel-y, girly pink, which are also not my style. It’s an in-between of clean, and glam but not all sweet. Kit teaches Aerial Yoga. For male grooming, I always apply my male signature the “naturally flawless and described” look, and up to date the technique I’ve from my “Queen of Male Grooming” days circa 2008-2009 to the “Khaleesi of Male Grooming”.

  • 160 grams Bicarb
  • 1 Medium Sized Carrot
  • Do not apply olive oil on the facial skin, it is only good in cool weather
  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Take a small mixing plate and into this add in the glycerin, rose drinking water and the lemon juice

Males do not really wear makeup on a regular basis therefore I should make the makeup look like perfect skin. I also described brows and added an all natural contours and flush for warmness, not for data-level shaping. Tippi educates pole dance and beginner’s pole. She’s one lucky young lady who looks great in pinks and purples for eyesight makeup. This look reminded me of Emily Blunt in Devil Wears Prada.

I used this for her second look, when she was doing her photos with pole (her headshot just acquired her in subtle brown smokey eyes). The lipstick coincidentally is her favorite lipstick shade, Revlon Matte Balm in Sultry. Kiara also did makeup on Kayleen as well as herself (she’s also a Footworks teacher, teaching pole, and TRX).