For one thing, I couldn’t change much on the webpage as it was an extremely early version CMS (Content Management System). For another, it had such issues as having meaningless URLs, not great for Google loving. So I made a decision to give it a shot. That is, a version you can set up with a web host to give you much more control over the functionality and look and feel.

In overview, it wasn’t super fast or super-easy. But it wasn’t super hard either, considering I’m not a techie whatsoever. In fact, the tricky pieces for me where learning how to FTP a file, something a techie person would laugh at. And whilst it is pretty easy, I feel someone must spell out the steps in a bit more detail. Step 1 1. You shall need a web host.

This is cheap. 72 a year. Which included multiple websites, unlimited plenty, and data and lots of email addresses. Now, if you anticipate a ton of traffic and need 100% uptime, this sort of cheap host will not be the right solution, but it’s fine for your average SME website.

  • Briefly explain NAT
  • Create one-to-one redirects
  • Installation Type: Express Installation
  • They will sign-up your website name for free when you purchase web hosting
  • Discover the sugary place at the intersection
  • Install a WordPress backup plugin

TIP: Most webhosts have a 1-click install option for WordPress. And that means you DONT need to download and set up the wordpress software. For example, with Just Host, there is an instructional page with a few steps to follow and in a minute, I had been ready to start adding content to the website. Step 2 2. You also need to buy a URL of course.

I got one already but I wanted to build my new site without taking down the prevailing one. 12 from JustHost and built it on that. AFTER I canceled my other posting I didn’t want to just re-direct the URL to my new URL. This might sound a little tricky Now, but I just pointed my URL to a keeping page which is also setup in JustHost for no extra cost and directed to the “new” site.

My plan is to go the webpages over, just training how to do that now! TIP: If you’re creating a site, it’s much easier to START fresh rather than move pages. Step 3 3: You will need a design! A couple of about a thousand that are included with WordPress However they are just about all set up to be sites.

Now, you can think just a little creatively and make this ongoing work. For example, your “website” that gets the blog posts could just be heading up “latest news”. Nonetheless it isn’t the perfect solution. TIP: I purchased a design from Elegant Themes (the Minimal Theme). 39 to subscribe, MUCH cheaper than having someone build me a custom theme. I had formed to set up it via FTP then. I had to set up an FTP program – Filezilla – and this was what I was least comfortable with. It didn’t work the very first time, so I published a query on Elegant Theme’s support blog, which was answered within 24 hours. And everything worked well!

You have your targets set and you know how often you want to create and how many new people you want to see your content. Now it’s time to include the previous steps and develop a goal-based strategy aimed at realistic growth. Achieving your targets is a powerful process where you will regularly assess your successes and refine your approach until you start seeing the results you want. Share other people’s content while promoting your own to establish yourself as a power in your industry and not just a personal promoter.

There are various content aggregation tools available that can make it easier for you to find relevant content. As well as the reward is you’ll get to read more in what you do! Alltop and POPURLS are some favorites but there are many more you can choose from. Try tools like Buffer or Hootsuite to help you schedule out your posts but be sure you check in often for just about any engagement.

The best thing you can do to establish yourself as an authority is to provide reviews and commentary on other users that show you know what you’re discussing. By which makes it a discussion you are becoming an influencer. Other users notice dialogue whether its tweets or comments and they’ll see your expertise doing his thing. Having a professional headshot is a superb idea for your individual branding.