After many requests for this information, I have drafted this guide to assist. If you want to make use of FDISK earlier than hand, check out this information. In case you wish to Multi-Boot, try this guide. If you can not configure your system besides from a CD-ROM (DVD) drive, you should first create boot floppy setup disks and configure your system as well from these newly created disks somewhat than CD-ROM.

The utilities to take action is situated on the Windows 2000 CD underneath the listing /BOOTDISK. Select either MAKEBOOT.EXE for DOS or MAKEBT32.EXE if running from Windows. After configuring the system for booting from a CD, the Windows Setup display appears. At this point, Setup is loading the driver information it needs to proceed with set up.

The Welcome to Setup display screen appears with the option of Continuing Setup, Repair a previous set up, or Quitting. Press ENTER to Continue Setup, R to Repair, or F3 to Quit and reboot the system. The Windows 2000 Licensing Agreement display, otherwise referred to as the EULA, shows the authorized in’s and out’s of this explicit software bundle.

You may press F8 to signify that you just agree with the terms, hit ESC if you don’t agree and Page UP or Page Down to scroll via each screen. Note: If you don’t comply with the phrases, setup will stop and reboot the system. Hard drive partition info is now displayed. This varies with every system’s hardware configuration. This instance already has a partition defined.

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I will select not to make use of this and create a new one by pressing D. It’s possible you’ll skip this and the subsequent few steps in case you should not have any partitions defined. At this point, the options embrace pressing ENTER to put in on the chosen partition, D to Delete the selected partition, or F3 to Quit and reboot the system.

Chances are you’ll section your laborious drive in as many partitions as you would like by selecting C to Create a Partition and then getting into in a value much less than the total accessible. Here, I’ll Create a Partition in the highlighted, unused portion. Select the partition you would like to put into using the UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW keys. Press ENTER to make use of the highlighted partition and Install, C to Create a Partition, or F3 to Quit and reboot the system. Enter within the partition measurement in MB throughout the displayed minimum and most.

I chose the default or most accessible right here. You may choose ENTER to Create the brand new partition or ESC to Cancel the action. Continue to create partitions until all space is used or the configuration meets your requirements. Note: a small portion shall be unavailable to partition. That is normal. In this example, it is four MB.