Can you have a business partnership with only one person? I understand business partnerships are usually several people but I used to be wondering if it’s possible to have a partnership with only one person. Say, one business partner dies or leaves? A collaboration, by definition, includes several individuals and, therefore, one individual does not a collaboration make. But you bring up the key – and often overlooked – the issue of what happens when a partner is disassociated from the relationship. Ideally, this matter should be resolved in the relationship agreement. 3. Who can purchase the dis-associating partner’s interest (e.g. outsiders vs.?

In the lack of a buy-sell agreement, state laws and regulations regarding partnerships shall apply-and this could have a negative final result for you. The departure of somebody, for example, might lead to an automatic dissolution of the partnership and forced distribution of profits and assets. If a partner dies, becomes incapacitated or gets divorced, you may unwillingly inherit the partner’s spouse (or ex-spouse) as your new partner in the business.

Likewise, if a partner decides to sell his interest to an outsider, you could finish up having to talk about your business with a stranger. Planning and preparation for certain events that could potentially affect a business partnership are in the same way as important as working the business itself. A buy-sell contract can help you prepare for such circumstances and maintain control of important business decisions.

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For example, kids and tools. It’s much easier for us to work with kids with power tools in these Workshops than it could be with other families because a lot of the parents use tools in their own lives. These are comfortable with them. I was amazed by how community-based and genuine it feels.

Many technology centers struggling to activate “underserved” people who have informal research. You are succeeding. What do you consider is the difference? I come back to geography. Easy access to the space. When I talk to people in science centers, some dedicated people focusing on these questions really, they acknowledge that geography is a huge hurdle they have to get over.

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But there also is a sense of community ownership. For example, the Exploratorium is an extraordinarily participatory museum, but it isn’t nearly as participatory as a Community Science Workshop. Any big museum has barriers and restrictions to full community possession. Anyone walking into a CSW could repair a broken exhibit–anytime.

And that is the way we respect the contributions of the family members we will work with. They may be authors in the space. To make a sweeping generalization, it appears that the folks with–working class is worked well by us people, people who use their hands for a full-time income, people with larger extended households – are very comfortable with spaces where multiple people are writers. These are more comfortable with distributed authorship of events and space.

Whereas formal organizations have a harder time facilitating a shared sense of space and events. Interesting Really. So there is authorship, but no bylines. No noticeable bylines. However they still informally exist. The bylines are in the community’s awareness of the space. People know, however they know based on their real connection with it in the area. When I frequented, it was so clear that there are more and more people who use the Workshop over and over, who build things as time passes, who get involved in different tasks for different reasons. Yes. And it’s really hard for all of us to record.