You can enjoy universal acceptance and liquidity when you purchase a crypto asset that is gold-backed. These assets are also transparent and secure. They are tied to one piece of gold and businesses involved in transactions are accountable for their security and transparency. They can also be scaled and have low transaction fees. Should you have virtually any queries regarding wherever as well as the way to utilize gold backed cryptocurrency, you are able to email us on our own internet site.


Doradocoin is a crypto-backed by gold that was created in Chile for the support of a mining company. The company that created Doradocoin does not provide any information about the gold or its location. It uses a blockchain-based ledger and a gold-backed token as its currency. The cryptocurrency uses EGD, an altcoin, and its own blockchain to make gold transactions.

Token of Xbullion

The Xbullion token, a gold cryptocurrency issued and managed by Xbullion Holdings (a Singaporean investment company). It can be redeemed for cash or physical gold. The gold is held in vaults in London and Singapore. Each token is unique and backed by gold. However, the number of xbullion tokens is limited. The company is currently seeking institutional investors to make use of the digital token to invest directly in physical gold.


DinarDirham is a decentralized gold trading platform that combines blockchain technology with gold price stability. DinarDirham’s cryptocurrency DinarCoin can be linked to the forex liquidity provider’s gold spot contract (XAU). DinarDirham users can buy physical gold, digital currencies, or a combination thereof.

TMTG token

The TMTG token, a gold crypto-coin, is the best option. This digital asset is pegged to 1 gram of gold and is traded on the DGE platform. The gold price determines the price of each gram. You can buy TMTG tokens using this gold cryptocurrency, and then you can sell them for profit when the gold price increases.


DGX Gold crypto is a digital currency that uses a distributed ledger technology. It is insured by gold. A vault that contains 30 tons of gold is used to back the Digix token. While most cryptocurrency coins are backed by fiat currency, the DGX token is backed by gold. The vault’s gold content determines the coin’s supply. The DGX token is subject to a transaction fee and demurrage fees. However, they were waived in the first year of operation. The proof-of-asset card for the DGX token is created by smart contracts on the Ethereum platform. To cash out a DGX coin, a holder must possess at least 100 DGX. Afterwards, they can either claim a gold bar in person or have it


Xbullion, a gold crypto, uses a GOLD ticker to the Ethereum Blockchain. This platform aggregates institutional investors to offer participants direct ownership of physical golden. Each Xbullion token represents one gram of physical gold bullion. The token can be fractionalized up to 0.00000001 grams and can be redeemed for fiat currency. Third-party couriers are also available to redeem the gold.


GOAU’s gold crypto strategy seeks to invest in producers with a proven track record for profitability and quality. The strategy allows investors to minimize risks by investing only in royalty companies that have a history of rewarding shareholders, with higher dividends, than the broader equity markets. You probably have any sort of inquiries relating to where and just how to use asia broadband, you can call us at the internet Highly recommended Online site.