I have in my own ownership two Patric Chocolate bars and I have never been so thrilled to try a chocolate brand before! Why am I getting around to tasting Patric Chocolates now just? Well, I tried to buy some online some time back, and found that they did not dispatch to Canada quickly. Then after additional unsuccessful attempts to get my practical some, I guess I quit.

However, Patric Chocolate is now readily available in Canada through the “A Taste for Chocolate” website and can be shipped directly to poor little fine delicious chocolate lovers like me who are isolated in the cold North. I tore into the package and chose to try the Patric Chocolate bars immediately, despite the other amazing chocolates bars that arrived in the same delivery (i.e. Amedei, Bonnat, Amano, Michel Cluizel, and more). I immediately liked the In-NIB-itable BAR.

And after I completed that and opened the Patric Signature Blend 70% club, I too liked it. The chocolate is oh-so-smooth, rich, and full of flavor deliciously. Each one offered me a unique chocolate experience in terms of texture and flavors, yet somehow a consistency in the smoothness of the chocolate.

The In-NIB-itable BAR is constructed of Madagascar cacao, which means an instantaneous burst of fruitiness. I’m going to be the first ever to acknowledge that my sense of smell is better than my sense of taste, so I cannot taste all the flavors that other people can always, however, the fruitiness was very obvious in this chocolates bar. Another interesting point about the In-NIB-itable pub was, strangely enough, the nibs. Usually delicious chocolate with nibs bothers my teeth, however in this full case, the nibs were roasted to the ideal point where they practically melted in my own mouth, yet still remained crunchy.

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Also, there was a heavy ‘roast’ flavor, like the flavor of a properly roasted marshmallow (pan-browned one, not burnt one!) or like that roasted flavor of popcorn that is prepared over an open up open fire. I tasted the In-NIB-itable BAR against the Amano Madagascar Handcrafted Dark Chocolate pub (also a 70%) and I found them virtually identical in flavor in conditions of fruitiness and citrus overtones. Actually, the smell is very much the same (the Island is not all that large, so one can suppose the aromas of the cacao would be similar).

However, the Amano bar is much lighter and the flavor of the Patric In-NIB-itable BAR is affected by the strong roasted flavor of the nibs. The Patric Signature Blend club is also very easy and I liked the knowledge of consuming it quite a bit. It tastes not the same as the In-NIB-itable BAR because it is made of a mix of coffee beans from different roots, but again there is a strong flavor of “roasted” coffee beans.

Overall, they have a strong vibrant flavor such as a robust burgandy or Merlot wine. The thing that I did so not like is that – even though the chocolate club is beautiful – it is hard to break a bit off because it is a fairly thick and not scored for specific pieces.