The French Senate voted to ban children under age 16 from participating in beauty pageants on Sept. 18. This amendment says that any person who enters a child into a pageant could face 2 yrs in prison and a 30,000 euros fine regarding to NY Times. I believe that it is acceptable for children to be involved in beauty pageants entirely. Beauty pageants are not evil, despite what many people might claim. They boost self-confidence of participants, enhance the morale of young women and offer entertainment for audiences.

What people need to understand is that beauty pageants are yet another type of contest. France should have a different position on beauty pageants because the new laws is a drastic measure when there is nothing inherently unethical happening. There are a few things that you can do to be able to focus on the importance of pageants for the youngsters. First of all, the ultimate objective of pageants is to create a safe environment for females to express themselves through attractive outfits and shows of talent. Pageants are not about exploiting women sexuality overtly.

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In truth, there tend to be regulations about what the contestants can wear or do to avoid such exploitation. Beauty pageants create careers for many individuals who would desire to be involved in making contestants and pageants successful. For example hairdressers, choreographers, costume designers, set and judges designers, to name a few just.

Once banned in France, I believe the social people should protest or hold a poll to get their beauty pageants back. This way the individuals who have pride in pageants can continue steadily to pursue their goal anywhere they want in the world without having to be frowned upon. The only way to set things right in France is to unban these beauty pageants since there is a lot worse than little kids carrying out for his or her parents and spectators in a good show of entertainment. In the beauty pageant, no-one is being harmed or injured at all.

In reality maturing at a young age is the right way to grow up, for me. The quicker you get into the real world, the faster you learn how to deal and exist to the fullest. The kids who enter into contests at such a age group learn to be sociable, outgoing and also have to develop confidence in themselves in order to stand out among their rivals. These characteristics cultivated at a young age help the girls mature faster into adulthood while their peers are stuck dealing with identity issues and insecurities about themselves.

The parents that enlist the youngster into pageants are there for the sociable networking and the money prize for the champion. The small children are very pleased, happy individuals to the contests. The idea that a beauty pageant for girls can be banned someplace seems a little outrageous. Beauty pageants are an investment by girls who compete and their parents.

Time and money are placed into each pageant to ensure each participant cultivates their talents and looks their best. A number of the things a contestant will need is a multitude of clothing, shoes and also make-up. All this hard effort and work has to pay off for a few occasions in the spot light.

Contestants make investments time and effort to make themselves the best they can be. The main stigma against beauty pageants is due to shows like TLC’s “Toddlers in Tiaras” or the spin-off show “Honey Boo Boo.” These shows do not accurately depict what goes on behind the scenes. The footage that is normally collected is often edited for entertainment purposes and usually highlights the drama occurring. Fran shouldn’t have opted to ban such events and really should have left the choice of entering into these contests up to girls. It is their decision to show off themselves on stage. Depriving them of this choice is entirely unfair.

Exercise 2, Child beauty pageants, p. Child pageants should be banned because they have such a harmful psychological effect on small children. They place a lot emphasis on physical appearance that many young toddlers start to think that if they are not as beautiful as a china doll, then they are worthless. Also, these children may be stalked by perverts which can have disastrous outcomes.

Firstly, child pageants are extremely damaging for children, who often become enthusiastic about physical appearance. Just imagine the way they feel after they have been dolled up for just two hours, made to look like a miniature Madonna, and then they do not win a competition. They don’t get to take home the stuffed teddy bear even!