The attorney for the Pelahatchie Board of Alderman accused the Kingfish of submitting an Open Meetings Act complaint to generate headlines for this website. Yours Truly filed an Open Meetings Act problem against the Pelahatchie Board of Aldermen on July 2 with the Mississippi Ethics Commission. Yesterday City Lawyer John Wakeland replied to the issue.

It is thought that the Complaint was not filed to correct an alleged open up meetings violation, but rather to create a news headline for the use and benefit of the Complainant blogger. Nice try. The “complainant blogger”‘s record as a public records activist is fairly popular. The Kingfish has gone to court three times over public records.

There are in least half a dozen Public Records views at the Ethics Commission with my name with them. Simply put, the public has a right to know what its elected staff are doing at general public meetings. If secrecy is necessary, the statutory rules allows the Panel to use the professional session to discuss sensitive matters. The other reporters grumble about the huddling but never do anything about any of it repeatedly.

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The Respondent attempted to make sensible accommodation for the general public in conducting its work session and monthly meeting. The Complainant was inspired to position himself wherever he might choose to observe, listen to and ask questions regarding all issues involved in the work program. Ah yes, the “reasonable accommodation.” Maybe five or six people could walk to the huddle and hear what is taking place up.

Not simple for the entire audience. Suppose a citizen was disabled? There is a reason there are seats and microphones. And now answering the unnumbered Complaint the Respondent would aver that it was never the intent of Board to conduct any business of the city in ways apart from as required by our statute. The bulk of the task done in the task session was a review of the plan by the users of the forthcoming monthly conference.

No business was conducted, no votes were taken, nor any strategy talked about. No effort was designed to conceal any of the actions of the Board. In the foreseeable future the Board will take all realistic steps necessary to comply with the requirements of the relevant statutes in order to avoid any misunderstanding.

Learned counsel is an honorable man and is used at his word. However, the problem is we are having to consider him at his term in regards to what occurred because nobody can hear what is taking place. The task session where nothing was talked about was more than doubly long as the regular Board conference that took place immediately after the work session. All of the Board must do to adhere to the law is simply sit in front of their microphones and utilize them or talk loudly. The Board asked the Commission to dismiss the complaint with prejudice. Mr. Wakeland also requested the Ethics Commission to job me with the expenses of defending the issue. Kingfish notice: Mayor Ryshonda Beechem appeared at the March work program and experienced the Board follow the Open Meetings Act. To say they weren’t happy is putting it mildly.

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