One of our advisors has a service provider client who has been in business for more than a decade. He recently got a mobile call from a customer complaining about his work. He told the customer that he previously not done work for her and after further analysis of her receipt she recognized that the work was done by another company with a very similar name.

Unfortunately both companies are even on the same road (different towns). Upon further analysis of the new company my client uncovered several dissatisfied customers. He approached the new business owner who’s not willing to change his company name. My customer is thinking if anyone has any suggestions on ways to tell apart his company from the other.

He is currently along the way of ending up in managers of local DIY stores to make sure they are aware of the situation and referring the correct company to their customers. A few of our colleagues chimed in. Who has the DBA or LLC? It seems to me that whomever has registered the business first has the to use the name. An attorney can issue a “cease and desist” order to the other company with respect to your client, In the event that you client signed up the name prior to the other company began using it lawfully.

I think most of us need to find out just what a day is and what it is wonderful for. My understanding of a day would be that the name is submitted in the region where one works as a business and it is allowed exclusive use of this name in that county. Here in our county, when a data is requested at the clerk’s office, that name is researched to see if it is in use already. If not, a DBA can be issued. If the true name is used, the applicant selects another name.

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The original customer may want to consider publishing a notice saying his position and having his attorney write a notice to the other party highly suggesting SBDC guidance on business formation. A DBA filing is not exclusive. We’d a fresh start-up purposefully usurp the outstanding reputation of a woman who had been offering services from her home for quite some time.

The new filing was just later on, same town, the same name, etc. In a few full cases trademark safety is practical, however, in this case investing profit advertising, signage, etc. would succeed. I’m in no way a specialist on trademark rules, but a basis from it is to disallow the likelihood of confusing the finish-user (in this case, a person). One doesn’t always have to register for a brand in order to get legal safety. I’m not a person who wantonly suggest legal action as the source of action, but it could seem if you ask me (being unsure of the whole tale) that your client has an incident.

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