To track some of your activity, you’ll need to enable the functions and then add them to your Health application dashboard. This is all done through the ongoing health application itself, but again, it needs a newer iPhone, as older models don’t have a motion-tracking chip used to function as a pedometer, or the capability to detect elevation. For best results with this Health app feature, you’ll need a newer model iPhone, anything newer than iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus is ideal, though iPhone 5S has a motion processor. Alternative party devices could work, but we’re focusing on iPhone here.

Now that the pedometer and distance motion functions are allowed, the rest is to you up, signifying you have to actually move around to start to see the statistics change. The Flights Climbed function is effective too, and is rather interesting in that it uses the new air pressure sensor built into iPhones to identify even minor changes in altitude.

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  • Its rest tracker monitors how many hours you have slept
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  • Automatic and contactless rest tracking – just plug in and leave on

Each “flight” is approximately the same as a housing story of steps, so if you strolled upstairs an individual story in a house or office, it would enroll as an airline flight climbed. You don’t have to be on actual stairs for the flights climbed to join up though, it requires the relative assumption of height into consideration and works even on continuous inclines and declines too. If you don’t want to use Health application and have no intention to track your fitness or activity levels, you’re left to basically ignore the app.

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