In the mean time a question arise in just how many times the refund amount will credited to customer’s account? Many people cancel their e-ticket and want their money in their account instantly. But it can’t be possible to get refund amount instantly, because it takes a couple of days to think about your account.

Although railway say that the total amount will be reflected on customer’s account within 2-3 business days, many times it requires 5-7 times. So my own opinion is that you should wait around 5-7 days to get your refund amount. You can examine the refund position by get on your IRCTC accounts. The everything about your cancel ticket preserve on your account.

Many times while you are attempting to book a railway solution on IRCTC website the amount of the solution debited from your account but ticket not booked or failed. In that condition what will happen of our debited amount? How do we obtain our failed purchase amount? These relevant questions are arise many times. Firstly, while your transaction failed go to your booked ticket history section and check if your ticket is booked or not? Sometimes the ticket booked and shows on your booked solution background even your transaction failed. And that means you should check your booked solution history first. When there is not find your ticket you can check it failed transaction background then.

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Here you find the failed ticket list and their refund position. Sometimes the position shows incorrect because loan provider do not give information about publishing of refund amount to customer’s accounts to IRCC. If such situation happens with afterward you don’t worry the solution amount will be acknowledged back within 5-7 days or before. Any time while your transaction failed don’t think about your debited amount it’ll automatically credited to your account. This is actually the some simple steps to check on IRCTC cancel solution refund position.

STEP 1 – Go to google and search IRCTC. Go through the first search result shown on the display screen. STEP 2 2 – You now are at the true home page of IRCTC ticket reservation website. Find the option ‘Log in’ and select it. Enter your user Id and security password and get on your accounts.

STEP 3 – After login to IRCTC accounts you’ll be at the home page from where you can search train and book ticket. Now find the option ‘My Account’ and place the cursor on it. When you place the cursor on ‘My Account’ tab even more option will shown. Here you see the options ‘Ticket Refund History’ and ‘Ticket Cancellation History’.

Click on ‘Ticket Refund Status’ to learn your refund status of your cancel ticket or failed ticket. And select ‘Ticket cancellation History’ to learn about your cancel ticket. STEP 4 4 – After select ‘Ticket Refund History’ you will notice your cancel solution or failed transaction list. Click on the transaction for which you desire to check status. And also you shall be seen the refund status of your deal.

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