FORM 10 REGISTRATION – If it were easy to do properly, it would ago have been submitted days. However, corporate counsel didn’t feel that some of the disclosures were clear certainly and that pressing issues of ambiguity only gas criticism. HHSE did your final Polish yesterday, and a few more tweaks are anticipated this morning.

The revised, today revision of the third draft with proper platforms may be posted to MacReportMedia. We recognize that there is certainly tremendous impatience (enthusiasm?) to understand this filed, but we also realize that once it’s published to Edgar, the document can’t be corrected or revised in any real way. Having it done accurately, clearly and in a manner that will expedite approval of the registration is our goal.

  • Carpet Cleaning Business
  • The personal debt ratio is a way of measuring a firm’s
  • Elimination of the Domestic Production Activity Deduction
  • Is the accomplishment really your most significant one
  • GDP by expenses
  • Translation and vocabulary services
  • Data warehouse and Data Vault focused Architecture, metadata & ETL (planned for start oct.)
  • Simple website sales tax wizard built into the store admin

FORM 8 FILING – THE BUSINESS made another Form 8 filing last night to MacReportMedia for release onto Edgar. The time-frame is usually one business day. 1.1-mm in video recorders for February game titles. Manufacturing and shipment of the requires usage of capital by means of purchase order financing, accounts receivable financing or factoring – none which could be finalized until the National Bank of California matter was resolved.

Company needed to expedite a payment to Fantastic Films Intl., Inc. matter to avoid a default of the negotiation agreement; with only a minimal amount of interest due still, allowing the arrangement to default would have been harmful. 108,000, JSJ Investments has received approx. 8.9-mm stocks. Now, HHSE can promptly conclude the bridge funding had a need to get our purchases into shipments. IS THE TRANSFER AGENT “GAGGED” – No. As previously disclosed, HHSE is assisting with an ongoing FBI investigation into “bashers” and “manipulators” of HHSE stock.

This is a kind of stock manipulation also known as “boxing” and is used in “poop-and-scoop” plans to attempt to wear-out the tolerance of legitimate shareholders to sell their stock cheaply to the legal traders. HHSE is very pleased to really have the support of the FBI and the US Attorney’s office in gathering the information to prosecute these known individuals and their accomplices. A great way that we are helping “track” those seeking non-public information and gather evidence are to save lots of every email from incoming “shareholders” (even the private emails) – and add these to a back-traceable IP log.

Another way is that we are requesting all queries to the Transfer Agent to be produced via email so that we have a record of these seeking non-public information. These inquiries to the T.A. IP log from the otherwise anonymous posters. Whenever there are ANY changes to the Share Structure, HHSE will post these within one business day. There’s never any reason to get hold of the Transfer Agent, because such inquiries shall NOT lead to non-public information.

NEW STUDIO LABELS – The Form 8 lists the first two “labels” that have joined makes with HHSE under the Tom Sims label business. Green Apple Films has an outstanding catalog (over 100 game titles) of primarily Christian and Family films, with some “urban” game titles as well. The first release from Green Apple will be “DOONBY” – an outstanding thriller and inspiring theater. 10-mm label “Media Blasters” and you will be providing action films, martial arts, manga / TV and anime programming on a monthly basis. The initial slate of titles from both labels will be announced with a formal press release on Friday.

So even if my view is incorrect, it passes the rationality test; why not pay average charges for above average businesses? And this is not dependent on market interest or p/e rates because you are using a long-term average. We aren’t increasing valuations due to decreased interest rates.

So, this dialogue piqued my interest again therefore I went back and appearance at some more of Buffett’s big deals. I use the word “case study”, but it’s far from it, really. I’m only taking a look at one measure; pretax revenue price or yield to pretax income. So I apologize for the exaggerated terminology and to folks who come here searching for a 300-page paper on why Buffett bought something; you’ll only see one range.