Global hedge finance association AIMA (THE CHOICE Investment Management Association), has released the world’s first global Guide to Sound Practices for Funds of Hedge Funds Managers. The guide was developed by some of the world’s leading funds of hedge money practitioners. It focuses on areas including risk management, due diligence, disclosure to investors, valuation, management of issues appealing and other functional issues. The group contains Unigestion, Financial Risk Management; Man Investments; Fauchier Partners; Pacific Alternative Asset Management; Ivy Asset Management; HDF Finance; Pending Asset Management and Simmons & Simmons.

Gleacher got the book, lowered it in the wastebasket, and said, ”Come when guess what happens you’re talking about.” Recently Gleacher surprised his peers by obtaining a 33-year-old marketed to principal after just 1. 5 years at the firm. It takes about six years at Morgan Stanley, to make primary normally, the first step before becoming a partner.

33 million in fees in one 12 months. 10,000-a-year job in the corporate finance department at Lehman Brothers. As he does now, Gleacher disdained the relentless numbers crunching that characterized corporate fund at the right time. Instead he made broad suggestions for various kinds of financing based on strategic concepts. Clients ate it and in 1973 up, five years after joining Lehman just, he made partner.

In 1977 Gleacher started Lehman’s mergers and acquisitions section. He was one of a small band of brash young men on Wall Street, who pioneered the go- get-’em design of M&A. Within 3 years his department approved Morgan Stanley, then No. 1. But Lehman was not a happy shop, and Gleacher ran into the biggest setback of his profession. Peter G. Peterson, the former Nixon Administration recognized who was chairman of Lehman then, determined that though Gleacher was a good dealmaker, he wasn’t enough of a team player to manage a department full of high-strung talent.

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Peterson may experience a point. Lehman at the right time was filled with politics infighting. Partners, enthusiastic about their own deals, often avoided each other. Says a former partner, ”It was the type or kind of place where you could get stabbed in the back in the hallways. ” In virtually any full case, Peterson dumped Gleacher as head of the department, while keeping him on as a dealmaker. Gleacher soldiered on, but with bitterness toward Peterson apparently.

A partner at another firm says Gleacher didn’t talk to Peterson for another two years. He did keep talking to clients, with a vengeance. In 1983 he came out on top in one of Wall Street’s most notorious takeover battles. Allied Chairman Edward L. Hennessy Jr. called in Gleacher to help him swoop in and purchase up Bendix Corp., the aerospace firm in a fatal combat with Martin Marietta then, a Maryland-based electronics giant.