‘5 empires’ launches the new customer service features. Followers can enjoy extra rewards now; debug complaint email, and other efforts of 5-empire team to assist the gamers. 26 January 2014- The internet browser based strategy war games online ‘5 empires’ is quickly becoming an RPG sensation. Sunday it announced to add new aspects to the overall game because of its followers On.

The game designers have decided to input the choice of extra rewards in the game play, a new council safety system, graphical battle guide and a debug problem email. Matthew Smith, a game developer and person in the inner group of ‘5 empires’ got this to state, “I want all the RPG gamers out there to know that ‘5 empires’ won’t just stay the way it is currently. We want to know what gamers want and we thrive to foresee what drives them. ‘5 empires’ will gradually mould into the number one war strategy game online. The latest graphical battle guide employs a new fight interface.

Fans that lost from units and income because of the issues in the old action are being compensated extra gold and alpha tokens on the ‘Turns’ to make up for this loss. The role performing game was rumored to have been experiencing glitches with the user interface recently. The bugs were dubbed by gamers as minor functioning errors. “We just launched the game and hoped for the best. We were well aware that the gamers would lead us in the correct path and to achieve that we made a decision to make it as easy as possible.

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An email can sort things out the quickest way and help the gamers connect the concealed details that are overlooked,” said game developer Khankab Chanthasena, when asked about the email feature. ‘5 empires’ is within its baby years on the internet and programs to grow the overall game with the up keeping features that it offers.

‘5 empires’ is a free of charge role playing online strategy war game. Among the leading genres of internet browser games, ‘5 empires’ has proudly founded a stronghold on its group of fans within the last year. It aims to further the battle game by maintaining the upkeep of modern gaming against the countless rivals in the online gaming industry.

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