DALLAS, TX (KFSN) — They track from how deep you rest to just how many paces you run every minute. But are these fitness trackers honest? Are they accurate really? And, will there be a difference between them? A recent study pitted four different brands against one another and against a heart monitor in a stress test.

Which one was best? Doctor Mark Millard loves accurate measurements. He’s a pulmonary specialist and a triathlete. He’s connected to a wireless EKG along with two wrist fitness trackers. One costs two hundred dollars, the other, four hundred dollars that’s connected to a chest strap. A ten-minute track run testing both of these. Resting, every one of the monitors read about the same. But add movement, like traveling a stationary bike, and the basic wrist monitor doesn’t measure to the wrist/chest monitor and the baseline EKG.

While cheaper fitness trackers can rely steps, they’re not so great measuring center rates, according to a scholarly study in the annals of inner medicine. But they all have value. Doctor Millard believes the pricier trackers are worth it. So it appears you get what you purchase. The advantages of exercise are well documented, leading to a longer, happier life. And, exercise can reduce the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia.

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