What does your garage area say about your home? Will there be actually room to park vehicles? Is it arranged and clean? Would it enough look spacious? I often advise clients to “stage” their garage, whether they are moving or not. It’s a terrific way to secure a psychological connection with a potential buyer, and it’s really just a smart way to enjoy your complete home. Moving homeowners who take time to organize and “stage” their garage will have a big advantage over the competition.

And as an added reward, they’ll have less stuff to pack when enough time comes to move. Those who are staying put may be surprised to find they can tame the mess in their garage area and park their vehicles in the garage. Perhaps arranging a garage seems daunting a task.

Just break it into steps. But before you begin, decide on how you intend to use the space. Is it a place for cars, a workshop, toy storage, garden center, fitness center, “man” room? If you’re selling, your goal is simple – less is more! Start with one side of your garage area, working around to the other side systematically.

Sell – wear it Craigslist, eBay, have a tag sale, whatever works for you! Now it’s time to clean (and I mean really clean) the garage. Scrub those grease stains, clean out all the cob webs, and wipe down the walls. Given that it’s clean, paint the wall space a light, natural color. Because color is like profit a can – a couple of coats of paint and a few hours of your energy will brighten your garage area and make it show up cleaner and roomier. And since you’ve taken the trouble to completely clean it thoroughly, why not go that extra mile to create a “wow” impact? Tip: use a flat exterior latex paint.

Look at the pile that made the trim to come back to the garage area. While the paint is drying, determine where each “department” should go. Make sure to put heavier items down low, dangerous items out of kids reach, and used items close to the door frequently. Next, select appropriate storage systems to fit what you ought to store. Don’t forget to label containers on more than simply one part.

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Consider bigger “department” indications so everyone understands where things belong (just like shopping at Target). Make sure you have lit enough. You may just need to clean your light fixtures or replace the bulb with a brighter one. Now comes the rewarding part of putting everything in its place. Actually, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do that in the past.

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