Being Politically Opposed to Insurance Companies. Is This a Reasonable Stance? Being Politically Opposed to Insurance Companies. Is This a Reasonable Stance? Uncertain this is trading focused. Maybe try another sub. This sub has very knowledgeable users. I am still undecided on the matter. Is it possible to self insure against a fire destroying your home, or let’s say you hitting some ones car and needing to replace a 50k car? Not at the moment. You have me there. You gotta do you, but I must say that folks don’t make decisions as a collective.

If my house uses up down, or if my expensive element gets broken in transit, I don’t care if in aggregate the rates of all policyholders paid exceeded the worthiness of my item. I’d gladly take the 3%, 5%, heck even 10% expected over head if this means there is certainly any capability of myself being made whole after an independently catastrophic loss. But individuals form organizations – unions, political parties, governments, etc – that advocate for their collective welfare. If the national government part of to solve this issue?

I’d gladly take the 3%, 5%, heck even 10% expected overhead if it means there is certainly any capability of me personally being made whole after an individually catastrophic loss. The purchase price inelasticity of demand is one of the reason why of the rise in the price tag on healthcare, housing, and education. You make a great deal of interesting points, and for a very small amount of individuals you might be correct interms of avoiding some types of insurance.

I am not an expert on health insurance, but let’s take a look at two of the other common types of insurance most people should bring. Auto- In lots of expresses a certain degree of auto coverage is necessary, but above that it is probably in your best interest to guarantee yourself in the event you cause problems for another person while driving. Having said that, let’s assume that the most severe happens so you cause a loss of life while driving.

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Without insurance you would be on the hook for a potential wrongful loss of life settlement. Homeowners- If you have a home loan near full dental coverage plans insurance is necessary in virtually all cases, but if you possess the home you can go uninsured outright. This might only be considered a good notion if you have the funds to rebuild your home without financial strain after a catastrophe.

Again if this is the case then keep up the nice work! You’re considering primarily in terms of health insurance, which in the US is a very politically charged question. Health insurance exists in its in own special hell of political/regulatory dysfunction, and a lot of the usual norms that connect with almost every other form of insurance venture out the window.

Is all insurance immoral? Think you’d want to do some mental gymnastics to justify that position. The primary idea is transferring the chance of a potential significant simply, but low probability, financial loss from you (the policyholder) to the insurance provider. It’s not likely that I, an extremely healthy and energetic male in my own 30s, meet my demise in the next 20 years untimely. If it did However, the increased loss of my income to my children would be catastrophic. So I purchase life insurance coverage to transfer the chance of this potential reduction to the insurance company.

What’s the harm to society for the reason that? Is all insurance immoral? I don’t believe it to be immoral. There is certainly nothing at all morally incorrect with this – all businesses seek to run a profit by providing a good, service, or anything of value to a person. But what is the worthiness provided by insurance?

I simply see it as loser’s game. It is very irrational and politically to activate involved with it economically. What’s the harm to society in that? Negative sum games create an encumbrance on society. A lot of the healthcare problem could be solved by increased competition. Currently, I cant buy a policy from a state outside of my own.

The pool to disperse costs across is the size of the state your home is in. Its probably actually a violation of the business clause. We are left with so many dofferent laws and regulations on a state by state level that the costs go up in part because of the complexity. Simplifying healthcare regulations and opening up interstate policy buys would, I believe, allow the rest of the presssing issues to sort themselves out as time passes.