Our FREE 2-hour workshop with Facebook Advertising specialist Jess Riches can help with that! This interactive workshop will need you through the fundamentals of getting started with paid cultural media. You have to spend a lot of money to get results on Facebook don’t, but you do have to have a good handle about how it works, who your targeted audience is and how to find them.

Jess will show you the simplest and most effective strategies to achieve this – no matter how big or small your allowance. As an interactive workshop, be prepared to get trapped in and work! No boring slides and going over strategy and processes theoretically – we’re going to be applying everything taught on the evening instantly, together. This workshop is perfect for people with an existing Facebook page for business and are comfortable making your way around it already. This is a workshop 1 of 2 – if you fall deeply in love with Facebook Advertising and want to dig even deeper, you may like to graduate to Workshop 2!

Jess Riches is the Co-Founder and Senior Ads Buyer (Social Media Advertising) at Enriches Business Pty Ltd, which she operates with her hubby, Ben. 12 months of business Now in their 5th, they are fortunate enough to have worked with various clients: major online retailers, emerging tech companies, iconic Australian music festivals, major brand education, and brands providers to mention a few.

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60 each hour rate. I used to be happy as it looked like a great customer. He provided all the resources, the scope of work, the website map, and this content upfront. He offered everything to me and I plugged it into a new website design then. And worst of most, the website looked freaking good. 180 for it. Your client was ecstatic and happy that I experienced completed so quickly, and we both parted ways after the task. That was a tipping point in my own mind where I realized something was wrong.

I knew from the website that I simply created for that client was worth a lot more money. I knew people were charging thousands of dollars for sites of equivalent scope. I understood I had to improve my pricing. After the 3-hour web site design project, I understood that I used to be doing myself a serious injustice by billing hourly.

I was getting good at my craft and I was working fast. If I could start charging predicated on the project, rather than enough time I worked I quickly had a huge potential to earn much more income in less time. And this is the beautiful thing about project-based fees.

When you charge predicated on the task, you are tying the price of the task to the client’s end result. The final result is all that the client cares about. Just thirty days after my incident with the 3-hour web site design project I ran across another client. This client wasn’t through Upwork and got no preconceived notion of my prices. They needed a website because of their business, and I had been happy to supply them with an estimate. This time I quoted the task based on a predefined scope of the work included. I emphasized the ultimate final result of the project, and not the quantity of time that I worked.

4,250. The website took me roughly 5 hours to develop. And this is the plain thing, your client strolled happy away. They loved their new website. Shifting the concentrate of my freelancing from the time I worked and toward the value I delivered transformed everything. It completely transformed my income potential and how much I made. It was at this time onward that I realized that was the proper way to go.

I began prices everything on project-based fees. Project-based fees helped increase my income while working far less time. However, the bigger question is: How will you think of a price for these projects? While moving toward project-based fees noises beneficial, there is still the question of how much you should charge for a task. This is a challenging thing that many creatives screw up early on.