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Take a glance in the Control Panel for applications you’ve installed but never use. Peek at those apps with trial expired as well. They all consume hard disk space and valuable system resources. Even on a new machine, you may see all sorts of junk bloatware and apps. Because the built-in uninstaller isn’t powerful enough to remove apps, third-party uninstaller applications could be of great help. We’ll demonstrate how to uninstall applications on Windows without leaving any leftover data.

Should You Uninstall That App? Once you install a dozen or more apps, you neglect their purpose and objective as time passes. An instant search can give a brief history of the app. If you want to get more details, head to MUST I Remove It. It’s an internet database of a huge number of apps.

Based on the crowdsourced data from other users, it grades the app’s popularity, standings, stats, and more. For more convenience, check out PC Decrapifier. It analyzes applications installed in your personal computer and divides them into three categories: Recommended, Questionable, and THE REST. Based on the crowdsourced data from other users, you are given by it suggestions on apps you should uninstall or keep.

Revo Uninstaller can help you uninstall software and remove unwanted traces from your PC. With Revo’s advanced algorithm and extensive application log data source, it can evaluate the info much prior to the installation. It understands where you can check in the drive or registry for just about any leftovers. They have three scanning modes: Safe, Moderate, or Advanced. In the Safe setting, Revo performs a scan of the registry and hard disk to find unwanted items.

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The moderate check includes a protracted scan of the common locations. Uninstall built-in applications from the Microsoft Store. It helps you delete bloatware on a fresh PC. The Traced Program module lets you monitor app installation in a real-time. You can revert all the changes made to the machine even.

The Force Uninstall module helps you find and remove leftovers of applications already uninstalled or incompletely installed. If unknown application loads on start-up or stays in the operational system tray without your consent, then with Hunter mode you can stop or uninstall that app instantly. Geek Uninstaller is a portable app to uninstall applications and remove leftovers.