On this observe as much as replacing the Retiring Windows XP with Linux we’re going to learn the best and most foolproof way to put in and run Xubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS on your old Windows XP laptop. The one necessities are that your old PC has USB ports, and that it helps to boot from a USB stick. In case your computer is simply too outdated for USB, then it’s pretty darned outdated and you really want to consider getting a newer one.

Then insert the USB stick into your computer, boot up, and start taking part in with Linux. It is self-contained and would not change anything on your computer. You possibly can create and save information on the USB stick, install and remove Linux software, and it’s utterly portable so you’ll be able to plug it in and use it wherever.

In the event you ever get bored with Xubuntu you’ll be able to delete it and use your USB stick for something else. Ideally your PC is already configured in addition from removable media like USB sticks, CD/DVDs, and even floppy disks if it’s outdated sufficient. Boot devices are listed so as in your laptop’s BIOS (fundamental input/output system), for instance CD/DVD, USB, after which arduous drive.

Your laptop BIOS is a little program installed in a microchip on your motherboard, and it performs the initial startup before handing off to your working system. The BIOS goes down this list of boot devices until it finds one that is present, after which makes use of that. Watch the boot messages that seem while you first begin up your PC and they’ll let you know the way to enter your BIOS, like in figure 1. Then you possibly can see how startup devices are configured.

There isn’t any normal manner to do this, so you will need to press the F1, F2, F11, or Del key to get into your BIOS settings, or presumably even one thing else; but don’t be concerned, the startup messages will inform you. Don’t be concerned if your screens do not look exactly like my examples, because they’re all a bit of totally different.

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Save your modifications, if any, and exit, and when your system re-starts it should boot to your Xubuntu stick. The first screen has two decisions: Try Xubuntu and Install Xubuntu. Click “Try Xubuntu” to run it from the USB stick. When it is finished booting you may see something like figure 4. Xubuntu acknowledges some other put in working systems, like Windows and system recovery partitions, and there will probably be icons for them in your Xubuntu desktop.

When you’ve got a restoration partition depart it alone. You’ll be able to click on on the Windows partitions to see your information. Hover your cursor at the bottom to see your Xubuntu dock (determine 6). This auto-hides itself when you progress the cursor away. Now that you are up and working, you are ready to take a look at some documentation and discover ways to run your good Linux system.

Linux uses right-click menus quite a bit, so remember this while you’re exploring Xubuntu. Take your time and be affected person. There is no such factor as a lifeless-simple, no-data-required private laptop. It would not matter what computer you utilize, whether it is Microsoft Apple, Android, Chromebook, Linux, or anything. They all require information and study. It’s best to know the primary laptop terminology and components, and fundamental networking concepts. We still need keyboards, and there are many free typing tutors for those who need a tune-up. There are zillions of great YouTube videos and online how one can articles, and all sorts of books, and possibly some lessons in your community.